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E-Commerce for small businesses

CRM - Ecommerce for small businesses

E-Commerce Online marketing and e-commerce can only thrive if certain key elements and indicators are well set. In a world of constant change, so does your marketplace and margins. Some businesses only operate best in seasons and for selected trends, traffic estimates and gradual traffic fluctuates. Others successfully operate within the whole market and long […]

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Full5Media Group Marketing Affiliate


                  Full5MediaGroup   As a small business owner who wants to get out on the market and sell online, many things are piling up on your side to create your media footprint and media outreach. With a sharp competitor analysis and a state-of-the-art website design, the work […]

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Facebook Advertising


Facebook Advertising As marketer or online advertiser, Facebook has become interesting for rolling out advertising opportunities forwarded to attract more fans to designated Facebook pages. With a campaign run on the Social Network, key performance indicators will be to attract more likes, shares, and engagement with your Facebook page or product. Whereas usually ads forward […]

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Data Mining


Data Mining – learn about your data traces. No illusions here, data have long become a commodity for numerous reasons, but most obviously for marketing and consumer evaluation. Data are larger than ever, and ubiquitous, generated, and stored. The question is, who makes use of the immense mass of data, is profiling along key elements […]

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