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  1. Licensing Agreement

This licensing agreement between the buyer and CRM, Christoph Rauch Music, hereby referred to as the company, clarifies the terms by which the buyer may download and use the music available via the CRM royalty free music shop and this purchased digital track, bundle, or album.

Your license of the royalty free music purchased, hereby referred to as the Recording, can be used with limited rights and falls under certain conditions. The company grants you the right for the specific Recording(s) purchased within this download, in accordance with the licensing terms described below. Each Recording is licensed to you for a specific use, not sold.

All prices are in Euros. License does not expire and is valid in all countries and territories.


Type Example Allowed? Type 1 Type 2
Web & Corporate


All video platforms, YouTube, podcasts, Social Media, online streaming (YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime), Websites, Web advertising, Corporate videos, for commercial monetization purposes.  
Apps & Games


Revenue-generating: all platforms, free apps, give away, in-app revenue.

*up to 1.000 units

Film & Theater Revenue-generating: student films, shorts, festivals, TV and Film productions up to €20.000 budget.

*only student films

*up to 1.000 units

TV & Radio Show, and advertising,

corporate videos, slideshows, on radio, theaters, on television.



Credits You can add “Music by CRM” in the credit section of each project.


  1. Non-Exclusive License Type

By purchasing a CRM license, the company grants you the limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide right and license, in perpetuity to modify (subject to related restrictions) and use a Recording in accordance with the terms considered in this agreement. You hereby agree to have paid the company the defined license fee according to the CRM website rates, and used the appropriate paying method to pay the outstanding balance, if not already done.


  1. Additional Terms For All Types

All Recordings can be used for your own and personal purpose. You may use the Recordings for your personal projects, listen back, or add to a CD and media player. All commercial and monetizing intentions fall under the royalty free license agreement.


  1. Limitations

You cannot sell, sublicense, share, give away, or otherwise assign any CRM Recordings in a way otherwise intended by the Company and mutually agreed upon. You cannot resell the Recording(s) or parts of it, change, or modify,- except embodied within your project.

You are not allowed to use the Recording(s) in any manner that would enable third parties to benefit from it,- through a download, sharing separate files, or offer as templates and sell on other websites.

You cannot add the Recording(s) as part of another music bundle or compilation and sell as your own property. It can also not be added to other library music websites.

You cannot add parts, change, modify, edit, or mix other instruments and vocals to the Recording(s). You keep the original Recording(s) as downloaded.

Do not claim to be the creator or copyright holder of the Recording(s).


  1. Ownership

The Company remains the original owner of all right, title and interest in the Recording(s). The Recording is herein copyright protected and may be used as well under the creative commons (CC). This license is non-exclusive and the Company retains the right to sell licenses of the Recording(s) to other third parties.


  1. Liability

The Company makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, in any content used for the Recording(s). It only grants you the right to use it under the aforementioned conditions cleared within this license agreement. You hereby agree that this license is granted to you without any other warranties, and that the total liability of the Company under this agreement arising from your side, shall be limited to the license fee paid by you for the Recording(s).

  1. Additional Information

In the Zip file, you find the licensed Recording(s) in 16 bit 44.100 KhZ wave, fully tagged. For additional information, individual instrument groups, or customized requests, you can contact the Company at info@christoph-rauch.de. You received or will receive an email with the download link included, which enables you to download the Recording(s) with a limit of 3 downloads. The link expires after 7 days upon receival and the business transaction is considered closed afterwards. Refunds are typically not made and cannot be reimbursed.